#GivingTuesday Giveaway

December 1, 2020,

On Tuesday, December 1, NatCapLyme is participating in GivingTuesday, a global day of unity and giving. In this time of uncertainty, there is a fundamental truth that gives us hope – that together we can do extraordinary things. Over the past few months, the world has been coming together to stand up, help out, give back, and heal.

To show our appreciation for your participation in this event, we are hosting a giveaway for the month of December starting on Giving Tuesday, December 1st. Make a donation of any amount here and you will receive one entry for each donation made throughout the month of December. Donations are not required to enter this drawing, just submit your entry with a $0 donation. Only one $0 entry per person, please. Facebook has not promoted, sponsored or endorsed this giveaway.This contest is applicable to United States residents in the continental US. If you check yes, NatCapLyme will include you on important email updates and event announcements. NatCapLyme will announce the winner on Monday, January 4th 2021.

The Prize:

  • Nutramedix was kind enough to donate one month of their Cowden Support Program and RelaxMedix which may promote healthy relaxation and sleep. Nutramedix’s donated items are valued at over $400.
  • KeyLyme was kind enough to donate their natural tick repellent,
  • Movies: Under Our Skin and it’s sequel, Emergence,
  • Musical CD from Dr. Joseph Jemsek,
  • Book: “Sick and Tired” by Helene Jorgensen,
  • Book: “Lyme Disease Takes on Medicine” by Dr. Daniel Cameron,
  • Book: “Suffering The Silence” by Allie Cashel,
  • Book: “Compendium of Tick-Borne Disease” by K. Spreen, DO
  • Tick Busters educational series, including the booklet, “Tick Busters: Tickula, Wanted Dead or Alive
  • Also included are Tick Tubes for your yard, tick removal tweezers, a stylish lime green beverage carrying tote and a Lyme themed water bottle, hats, stationary, lanyard and shoelaces and advocacy pin.

Join the movement on Tuesday, December 1st 2020! Bookmark our donate link and to learn more about NatCapLyme. Thank you for being part of the NatCapLyme team!


Tickula is back and on the loose!