2019 Grant Awards

NatCapLyme sponsored, for the sixth year, first-time attending physician attendance at the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society 2019 Scientific Conference “Lyme Fundamentals Course” in Boston, Massachusetts. Doctors, Physicians’ Assistants and NursePractitioners from around the country were awarded grants for their participation and returned to their communities better prepared to treat their patients.

NatCapLyme awarded the final part of a research grant to Old Dominion University to study the presence of a common co-infection called Babesia in ticks collected throughout Virginia. This joint effort involving NatCapLyme and Old Dominion University will allow for more informed policies to be generated and provide information to the citizens of Virginia as well as the entire mid-Atlantic region about the actual risk of tick-borne pathogens in their area.

NatCapLyme awarded a grant to the LEAF Program, Inc. for their 2019 Lyme education tour. This tour visited fourteen states in the Northeast, mid-west and mid-Atlantic regions teaching prevention and awareness of tick-borne diseases to school age children, children’s groups, and summer camps. Participants were given educational materials, age-appropriate books, hands-on activities, technology and integrative activities.

NatCapLyme awarded a grant to www.wevoteandwecare.com,  an entity that utilizes a grassroots advocacy software system which allows groups, non-profits and concerned citizens to effectively launch coordinated campaigns to inform their state and federal lawmakers, as well as advocacy and political action groups, about issues concerning Lyme and tick-borne diseases.

NatCapLyme sponsored and funded local community events and supported other national advocacy organizations efforts to raise awareness about Lyme and tick-borne diseases.


Tickula is back and on the loose!