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Founded in and serving the Washington, DC area since 2001, NatCapLyme educates government officials and healthcare industry leaders about Lyme and tick-borne diseases on behalf of individuals and families of those afflicted with such diseases. We actively engage with all sides of the Lyme and tick-borne disease issue to encourage measurable progress. NatCapLyme is an all-volunteer organization, but we have an appointed legal and legislative counsel, as well as individual board members, who bring political and legal experience to the table. Our legislative activities are ongoing, always focused on improving the lives of tick-borne disease sufferers.


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Personal Appeal From Monte Skall


As you know H.B. 512 is scheduled to be introduced tomorrow, Monday February 1st at 5pm in Richmond.  Many people have worked very hard on getting this bill drafted and preparing for this hearing. Many professionals are coming from all over the state to testifying in support of this bill. Delegate Tom Rust will introduce H.B.512 with letters of support from Frank Wolf and Governor McDonnell. But presenters alone will not get this bill passed.

We need to show that constituents want doctor protection. That’s where your presence is so important. Being there will matter by showing  Lyme patients do exist in large numbers in Virginia and showing support for those experts that testify on your behalf..  The American Lyme Foundation  has opposed the bill and there will be a pediatrician testifying against it..If you don’t know who the American Lyme Disease Association is it an off shoot of the IDSA.  As you know, these people are against longer term antibiotic treatment and favor the 2-4 week treatment protocol of the Infectious Disease Society of America.

If you’re not there on Monday, the assumption of the General Assembly is that you
don’t care about doctor protection and longer term antibiotic treatment.

We need your help more than ever.

We need you to bring your family and friends tomorrow to Richmond.

Don’t let finances get in your way. We made it easy by keeping the expense to $20.00. We are hoping that the room will be filled with Lyme patients and their friends and family members from Virginia and surrounding states showing their support as well as the very fact that they exist.  The claim that is most often made by the opposers is that there is no problem with this disease.  Patients get the right amount of treatment and doctors aren’t harassed and definitely no one in Virginia has lost their license.  We have also been told that a visual representation is a very powerful way to sway the way a committee might vote. Your physical presence is just as important as the presenters.

I can’t express enough how important it is for you and your friends and family members to be in Richmond tomorrow night and let yourself be seen.

Remember this is your fight for the protection of your treating doctors. Nobody represents you better than yourself.

There are still seats available on the bus so give me a call as soon as you finish reading this email and reserve a seat on the bus!

RSVP either by email asap to; natcaplyme@natcaplyme.org or call 703-821-8833.


Monte Skall
Executive Director
The National Capital Lyme & Tick-Borne Disease Association


Tickula is back and on the loose!