Voices of the Community

What will make a meaningful change in the lives of those suffering from tick-borne illnesses, given how deeply divided the medical, scientific, governmental, and political groups are with respect to their beliefs, approaches, and treatment of these diseases? While many of us dream of a cure, what transformational event or circumstance will lead to these elusive medical breakthroughs?

We believe that the genesis for change begins simply with conversations that are respectful, constructive, collaborative, and solution-focused among the broad spectrum of players making up the Lyme and tick-borne disease community.

To do our part to stimulate such conversations, this blog is intended to provide our readership with interviews from the leading physicians, researchers, politicians, and even patients involved in these Lyme related issues. Our purpose here is to collect the visions and insights of these individuals with the belief that such a resource may engender innovation, new ideas, and fresh approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Beyond impacting the present debate, these interviews may serve as a repository for understanding the historical evolution and significance of these diseases and their treatment.


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